NEWFANE — Two local artists have opened up a new store on East Main Street to help teach art and represent local artists. 

Jessica Malloy and Christine Kelemen, both artists, are the co-owners of Imagine That Olcott. 

"We've been talking since we've been friends about how cool it would be to start a shop. We saw a space open and liked the location here and it's close for both of us so we're like 'let's do it,'" Malloy said. 

Their store features art from 16 artists from the Western New York area. Kelemen says they don't charge the artists commissions for their work, which is "uncommon."  Kelemen, who is featured in a museum in Buffalo, said some places charge 40 or 50 percent commission to artists. 

The owners plan to use their Facebook page to highlight the different artists that are featured in their shop, which also offers a wide variety of activities for families, including paint nights, face painting, story time, birthday parties and henna.

Malloy said she wanted to accommodate busy parents by offering youngsters some fun things to do. 

"I made sure to get lots of kids projects because I know that parents want things for their kids to do," Malloy said. So far, she said, her customers have been a "great mix" of adults and children. 

Both owners are amazed at the support they received from the community, which Malloy described as "awesome." 

Keleman, who has lived in places like England, Oregon, and Orlando, echoed Malloy's sentiments. 

"I've lived all over the world and this is such an amazing community," she said. 

Sara Capen, a member of the Newfane Tourism Board, said Imagine That Olcott is a welcome addition to the community and that it fits right in on the waterfront area. 

"We're excited to have new business and certainly Imagine That Olcott adds something that wasn't here before," Capen said. "And we feel it fits in perfectly especially with the number of families that come down here to the Carousel and the little shops."

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