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May 8, 2013

US&J staff enjoys downtown treats, tourism

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal —

The First Annual Ice Cream Walk was intended to be a lark, celebrating my 46th year in the newspaper business which started on May 7, 1967.

Tuesday's tour turned out to be a lesson in Lockport, a pretty cool city. Main Street and East Avenue have a dozen places that beg questions and a view from the inside out, along Clinton's Ditch, begs a dozen more.

You can learn a lot from ground level when you're walking by with a cone in your hand.

KM Treats was the initial goal and $2 small cones were to be the reward. In alphabetical order, Anne Calos had cherry pie and carrot cake; Scotty Leffler's choice of Peanut Butter Smores and Grasshopper Pie made me sorry I went first; Joyce Miles topped Bittersweet Sinphony with Movietime; and I had Queen of Hearts with a scoop of carrot cake.

Kris Teeter, the proprietor, encouraged variety and scooped out huge scoops of our chose flavors. Photographer Heather Grimmer served as our quiet conscience. She didn't judge.

Ms. Lork (Anne), a Lockport native, was assigned as tour guide. Joyce of Hartland is on top of her beat. The women know the city inside and out, but we all acknowledged it is ever changing.

We walked over the Big Bridge and to the chalk board at City Hall. We wrote messages of advice as a dozen have done before us.

Instead of walking back via Main Street we hopped to Canal Street. The stinky water and dead fish did not take away from the vision of the Flight of Five — what it was and what it will become. Across the canal, men were taking down a tree at the base of Old City Hall. It looked like dangerous work, out of the sight of the Lockportians driving by on Main Street.

We stuck our heads into the photo board for tourists and Lake Effect Ice Cream which is under construction. Like tourists, we pushed the buttons to activate the "Walk" signs at the interections.

Bill Wolcott is a reporter for the Union-Sun & Journal. He's been doing the news for 46 years now â€" and astounding us daily.