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February 3, 2014

Fallen Heroes memorial: A privately based project

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — The Fallen Heroes Memorial is a project to properly acknowledge appreciation to those individuals who gave their lives, from law enforcement, fire protection and all branches of the military, as heroic good Samaritans, at a site provided by the City of Lockport, in the northwest corner of Outwater Park.

The memorial will be placed just in front of the Overlook near the escarpment and is considered to be an appropriate setting for such a venue.

Any and all fallen heroic individuals from both the city and town of Lockport will be duly noted on the walls to be erected at the memorial site.

This project is privately funded. We do not utilize any tax monies from either the city or the town. The entire project is being coordinated by volunteers. None of the volunteers are compensated.

I do therefore wish to publicly acknowledge my sincere appreciation to the committee and its honorary chairpersons, Common Council members Kathryn Fogle and Kenneth Genewick and Town Council Member Mark Crocker.

An expansive committee consists of individuals representing the various service clubs, homeland security, the police and fire departments, as well as a number of other individuals, all providing us with a broad spectrum from our communities.

We plan to petition corporate sponsors and continue to solicit donations from all sources in order to bring this project to fruition.

The committee operates with total transparency on all matters for the community — residents of both the city and the town — to review.

We have received positive support and pledges of materials, labor and financial support for the project.

Our fundraising efforts will intensify over these next months.

We respectfully request assistance, as well as suggestions from the community for ways to make this project successful. Success depends not only on building the memorial, but also in maintaining it for years to come.

We need your support and greatly appreciate any contributions any of you can make toward this noteworthy project.

Contributions may be made by writing your check to the Fallen Heroes Memorial Fund for whatever amount you can afford, and mailing the same to the office of the City Treasurer, One Locks Plaza, Lockport, NY 14094.

Tony Sammarco is chairman of the Fallen Heroes Memorial committee.