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September 25, 2013

The kids are not alright

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — Did you know that 67 people were killed and around 175 more injured when a shopping mall in Kenya was overrun by terrorists over the weekend? 

I watched some cellphone video of the attack on the Internet and it is amazing how calm everyone is in the videos. You can clearly hear the gunshots going off around everyone and you can even see the camera shake once in a while from the vibrations of the gun or the reaction of the person holding the phone to the sounds being made. But it is mostly of people standing around, looking out storefront windows and trying to see what is going on.

While 62 people in Kenya lost their lives because they decided to go shopping at a mall on a Saturday morning, Americans were infatuated with the pending government shutdown that is staring us in the face again. While terrorists were trying to use people as pawns in a deadly standoff in Kenya, our own government is using us as pawns in a stupid game of politics.

Do we really need this again? Are we really going to sit by as the well-paid politicians in Washington play games with people’s lives just to make their point? Did you know that every Senator and Representative in Washington gets paid during a shutdown, but federal employees do not? How about the fact that the military is expected to still be in operation, but our soldiers’ pay will be suspended until the government funds itself again.

If you ever wanted more evidence that this is clearly not a government for the people and by the people, then just look at the pending shutdown. We, as a people, stand to gain nothing from this. Some of you good people will be on unpaid leave from your federal jobs if this happens, but we aren’t supposed to notice that.

The idiots in Washington have shut the government down before to make their point and all it really does is make federal employees poorer and makes the American people look like morons. What kind of country would vote for people who would purposely shut down the government just to make a point? At a time when the resolve and strength of the United States is being tested and questioned, the geniuses in D.C. think this is a great time to shut down the government.

Yes, this whole thing makes me angry. It makes me angry because the politicians who cause all of this chaos still get paid no matter what. It makes me angry because we, the people, should get a say in whether or not our government gets shut down just so the Republicans and tea party idiots can make their point.

We get it, you don’t like Obamacare. But the real underlying issue here is the Republicans throwing a temper tantrum, like a 4-year-old child at a Walmart who cannot get the toy he wants, because no one wants the Republicans in charge of anything anymore. So the brilliant idea the Republicans come up with is to shut the government down. If the Republicans can’t have the government, then no one can. So there!

Our country is being run by children who stopped listening to us a long time ago. The last 12 years or so in American politics have been a complete disaster. When those planes hit the towers on September 11, 2001, a divide was created in this country that has never healed. It gets worse and worse every year and now the American people have to stand there with a painful, grimacing grin on our faces as we try to remain strong in the face of a political disaster.

In a mall in Kenya, 67 people lost their lives. There was no 24-hour coverage on CNN and there was no attempt by the media to glorify these killers, as is the custom. I guess that, unless it happens in the United States or Russia, it really isn’t worth covering.

In the meantime, a bunch of adults acting like four-year-olds in Washington, D.C. are going to hold their breath and kick their feet until someone gives them a lollypop. I’m going back to bed. Someone wake me when this country is no longer embarrassing.

George N Root III is a Lockport resident and completely sick of politics. His column appears every Wednesday, even during a government shutdown. He can be reached at georgeroot@verizon.net. R.I.P. Kenyan mall victims. The American media couldn't be bothered to say it, so I will.