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June 26, 2013

ROOT: Some of my favorite things

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Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — What makes something your favorite?

Every once in a while I will get into these deep philosophical discussions with people that should know better and they will sometimes come up with something that makes me stop and think. In a recent discussion with a good friend of mine, she mentioned that her son asked what makes something her favorite. When she tried to give the cop-out, touchy-feely answer, he called her out on it.

So what makes something your favorite? For a person like me, who is always trolling around for something to write about, this seemed like a very interesting question. While I can appreciate the young man’s quest for knowledge, the touchy-feely answer is probably the best explanation.

In order to answer this question, I started to think about my favorite things. My favorite time of the year is fall. Why? Probably because there is no oppressive heat and there is no snow to shovel. The sky is a lovely shade of grey and the temperature hovers in the low 50’s to high 40’s. I like that. But why?

Maybe it is because I have a certain comfort level with that time of the year. I don’t like having to put forth an extra effort just because of the weather. In the summer, I am constantly trying to find ways to avoid melting. In the winter, shoveling and battling the ice dams in my gutters take up a big portion of my time. Spring to me is just wet and mushy. There isn’t any solid ground to stand on in spring.

So then we move on to my favorite holiday – Christmas. In my house, it is Christmas all year round. I cannot get enough of it. It drives my poor wife crazy. But why is Christmas my favorite? I think it has to do with that comfort level again. I like it when people actually try to be nice to each other for a change. I really like it when people get together to do Christmas projects that make the time of year a little more special. I have a comfort level when people are getting along and working together.

I think the only thing I am coming up with is that my favorite stuff stays within my comfort level. Maybe that is the key to all of this. The things that you consider to be your favorite will be a direct reflection of your personality. If you like to take chances, then your favorite things tend to be risks. If you’re someone who prefers a sense of security, then your favorite things will be warm and fuzzy. That actually makes sense.

So, by this theory, people who are partial to the environment enjoy vacations that consist of long walks in a forest. People like me, who prefer comfort, enjoy vacations that consist of long walks from the hotel room to the hotel pool. In extreme cases, it would be long walks from the Las Vegas hotel lobby to the bus that goes up and down the Strip. It’s a double-decker bus and it is really cool.

Me and my sense of security love Christmas, while someone who enjoys taking risks may enjoy the mysticism of Halloween. People who don’t particularly care about holidays enjoy any holiday that gives them a paid day off of work. People who don’t work and don’t like holidays are out of luck, I guess.

Now that you are all loaded up with this wisdom, it is time to go out and analyze your friends and family members. Carry around a pen and a notebook and ask a lot of questions. Then you can write down your answers and analyze them. After a while, everyone will stop talking to you, but at least you will have your data.

We all have our favorite things, but we never stop to wonder why they are our favorites. Some people love a rainy night, while others prefer the sunshine on their shoulders. Maybe if you stopped to think about your favorite things, you will find patterns in your own personality that you never knew existed. It could be like opening up a whole new you and discovering things about yourself that you never expected.

Revelation is always enlightening, but nothing beats learning something new about ourselves. Think about your favorite things and then think about why they are your favorites. You may start to wonder if you really know that person you see in the mirror each morning and you would have me to thank for it.

That’s my job. Just when you feel that you are secure in yourself, I throw you a curveball and make you stop and think. That’s my comfort zone.

George N Root III is a Lockport resident and noted guy who insists on living in the 1970's. His column appears every Wednesday and it is way out groovy man. He can be reached at georgeroot@verizon.net .