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February 1, 2011

New recycling bins available soon

By Joe Olenick

TOWN OF LOCKPORT — Town residents could have some new bins to go along with its new recycling incentive program.

At Monday’s work session meeting, Town Board members approved the purchase of new recycling bins. The town placed an order of 1,000 of the 18 gallon bins for $8,845 and another order of 200 of the 32 gallon bins for $3,110. The large bins are 31 and a half inches in height and 22 inches in diameter.

Both sets of bins will be blue in color and the 32 gallon bins will come with lids.

The 18 and 32 gallon bins were produced by Otto Environmental Services in Charlotte, N.C., a company Supervisor Marc R. Smith said the town has used before for bins. The company still has a rubber stamp with the town logo on it.

Councilwoman Cheryl Antkowiak said the price was the best Lockport received by far.

“I don’t think that’s a terrible quote, considering the next quote I got was for just 1,000 of the 18 gallon ones and was $20,948,” Antkowiak said. “The difference is huge.”

The small bins can be purchased as replacements for $8 and the large bins can be purchased for $15 each. New residents can receive the small bins for free.

Antkowiak said some people are buying a second bin in order to be able to haul of their recyclables out on collection day.

“A lot of people are buying a second one just because they want to take two out each week, they have more recycling,” she said.

Antkowiak said about 1,000 residents have signed up for the town’s recycling incentive program, Think Green Rewards. The program awards points based on the amount recycled and then the points can be redeemed for coupons from local retailers and restaurants. The program launched last month.

“Seems to be increasing every week,” Antkowiak said. “It’s going great.”

Last year the town recycled 1,120 tons, or 2.24 million pounds of material. That was an increase from the 1,060 tons or 2.12 million pounds of material recycled in 2009.

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