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May 8, 2013

Lockport cops nab handful of noisemakers

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — One of the bigger complaints the Lockport Police Department receives are from people rocked by loud stereo music from cars.

For the most part, the drivers are blocks away before the police can respond. This week, however, Captain Brian Wentland caught up with five alleged violators of the noise ordinance and issued them appearance tickets.

Cody J. Brandt, 21, 118 Locust St. Apt. 1; Vanessa A. Frank, 27, 8 Ashley Place; Dylan James Simons, 19, 6437 Ridge Road; Randall E. Shellman, 41, 177 Lock St., lower; and Anthony R. Morrow, 29, 159 Chestnut St. were charged with loud music. They were stopped in the “Impact Zone.”

The police department has a Corvette that was seized in a Buffalo drug raid with the speakers are as wide as the trunk, according to Chief Larry Eggert. The 1998 black Vette will go on public auction for money to fight the drug war after a two-year holding period.

“They are high-tech, hi-test and shake your body,” Eggert said of the speakers. “People people hear it, call, and the loud cars drive away...We get quite a few calls all over city. Once in a while we go out, especially on nice days.”

Offenders can be charged with a traffic violation or a violation of the city noise ordinance. The judge has a range of options, Eggert said.

Many of the complaints come from the impact zone area which covers about 16 blocks which center on Washburn Street and Walnut Street. It is bounded by South Transit and Erie Streets.

The stops on Saturday and Monday were on Genesee, High, Pine and Washburn streets.