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July 7, 2013

OUR VIEW: Cheers and Jeers

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — This week we offer a slight variation on our usual cheers and jeers. Sometimes you come across a situation that cannot be cheered or jeered; a situation that simply makes you shake your head in amazement. We offer our observation on that one at the end of today’s list.

Jeers: According to Lockprot police, “bottle bombs” are back. These devices, which contain a mixture of drain cleaner and aluminum foil are extremely dangerous. After pressure builds up inside the bottle, it explodes, sending acid as far as 30 feet, which can cause some serious damage to people who may be nearby. Chief Larry Eggert believes that the bombs were created for the 4th of July and doesn’t expect to see a rash of them exploding around town. Let’s hope so. These things are dangerous and shouldn’t be handled.

Cheers: Local baseball legend Kevin Burdick is a first-time ballot hall of famer. While he’s not being enshrined in Cooperstown, his likeness will be immortalized in the Western New York Baseball Hall of Fame. Playing in the 1970s on the feared Buslines team in the Erie Niagara Suburban League, Burdick was known for his bat and his base stealing abilities. IN the 1970s, baseball was king in the region, and Burdick was one of the best. Congratulations.

Jeers: It appears the Sean Smith is twice a criminal within six months ... and for the same reason: he’s been accused of manufacturing methamphetamine in his Newfane home. Apparently he didn’t get the message when he was arrested in January. He was hoping to plea to a lesser charge for the first offense. Now we’re sure that offer will be taken off the table. Memo to Mr. Smith: it’s time to find a new line of work because drugs — besides being illegal — isn’t working out for you.

Jeers: When the Canal Concert Series lineup was announced, we were a little underwhelmed. There were many recognizable names on the list — recognizable for previous appearances in Niagara County. Topping that list was Puddle of Mudd, who played here in 2011. The band was expected to open this year’s series on June 29, but the show was canceled due to illness with a band member. The night before, the band’s show in Rochester was canceled due to “a flight cancellation” preventing lead singer Wes Scantlin from arriving on time. Scantlin has had many brushes with the law in recent years, and he was arrested in May on domestic abuse charges. It probably would have been best if this band were avoided

Duh!: Running from the law is never a good idea. Running from the law with your hands cuffed behind your back, well, that’s downright idiotic. Yet, Tarelle Haugabook, a 20-year-old from Niagara Falls did precisely that on June 27. Vowing not to go to the Niagara County Jail, he fled the Niagara County Courthouse, hoping to avoid capture. He managed to run a few blocks before half of Niagara County’s law enforcement community caught up to him. Something tells us Mr. Haugabook is going to spend more than just a few nights in the pokey after this escape attempt.