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August 25, 2012

OUR VIEW: Cheers and Jeers

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — CHEERS:

Brad Angelo Lanes will be opening by the end of the month. It was a shame to see the former South Transit Lanes close but we’re glad to see that things have worked out, especially since everything was done in the bowling off-season. The former owners should be commended for sticking with it as long as they could and for finding a willing buyer. They couldn’t have done much better with Lockport’s representative in pro bowling.


It’s bad enough that there’s someone out there taking manhole covers and storm sewer grates, for the scrap value we presume. However, to take a manhole cover along a bike path and then cover it up with branches and other debris is downright stupid and created an incredibly dangerous situation. What if someone had fallen in and been injured, or worse yet, killed? Bike paths are popular not only for bicyclists but for walkers, and joggers. How would parents feel if they took their child out for a ride or a stroll and the child — doing what kids do — jumped, walked or rode through the brush, and fell in? We hope the Sheriff’s Department finds the responsible party and hits him over the head with one of the manhole covers he stole.


Judging by the crowds, the number of stands that ran out of product and perfect sunny weather, it was another successful Taste of Lockport. Of course, it’s disappointing to see someone run out of food, but it’s difficult to gauge on a year by year basis how much product to bring. The hot seller this year may not attract the throngs next year. Speaking of throngs, it was wonderful to see the long lines of patrons at more than one booth. Another testament to the success. We’re already looking forward to next year!


Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver wants to make illegal immigrants eligible to receive government — that’s taxpayer supported — financial aid to attend college. Is he for real? They already pay lower college tuition, and now he’s trying to give away the entire farm. What about the struggling middle-class family that’s trying to put children through college but doesn’t qualify for aid under state rules? Why not give them a break? They’re the ones who are already paying into the system. Give them some return on their investment.

CHEERS: Niagara County generated $342,000 with last Saturday’s tax foreclosure property auction. That’s the difference after the $389,241 in back taxes is factored in. Not bad for 118 properties. Some property owners made last-minute payments to keep their homes off the docket, a win-win situation. These auctions are a last resort for governments, but they tend to work. Will the county actually see the $342,000? Probably not as some winning bidders typically change their minds. Still, it brought in some badly-needed money into the county coffers, and it serves as a reminder to get those taxes paid, as much as we dislike doing so.