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August 18, 2013

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Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — Cheers: The Washburn Street Meat Market has been a Lockport staple since before any of us can remember — over 100 years. For the first time in 40 years, it will have a new owner. It’s great to see that is served Don Kaufmann so well for so long. And better to see that Gabe Szell and Gabe Szell Jr. will be taking it over and keeping it going. Family businesses are one of the things that make a community like ours great. 

Jeers: Based on last week’s state test score announcements, we’re not sure what’s going on in our schools’ classrooms, but it sounds dire. We’ve complained before about “teaching to the tests,” and we’re doing so again. Let’s go back to the good ol’ days where teachers were allowed to teach. And let the state bureaucracy go back to whatever they do best — obviously not education. Different kids learn differently. And the state system doesn’t really allow for that. Teachers, parents and adminitrators all need to be part of the process. Albany, on the other hand ... not so much.

Cheers: So you’re out for a jog and a woman is yelling that her house is on fire and her husband is trapped in the basement. First thing you do? If you’re LPD Lt. Todd Chenez and Officer Michael Stover, you run into the basement to help. Then when officers Anthony Pittman and Heather Rhode get there, you pull the guy out and get him on his way to the hospital. Hawley Street resident Harold Storms thanked the foursome last week during a much-deserved award ceremony at City Hall. We thought we should thank them, too. 

Jeers: Pretend you’re a quasi-governmental agency charged with providing low cost power to New Yorkers. You’d think the easiest way to do that would be to keep costs down. Instead the New York Power Authority pays one third of its 1,630 employees more than $100,00 a year, gives employees Cadillac health benefits and retirement, owns its own plane so the big wigs can travel and offers and offers New Yorkers some of the highest electric rates in the country. State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli called them out for it. And rightly so. 

Duh: When the police tell you to stop, you should stop. A Lockport man learned that the hard way last week when Niagara County Sheriff’s deputies asked him several times to put his hands behind his back but 26-year-old Brandon Howard refused. So NCSO subdued him with a Taser. NCSO - 1, uncooperative suspect - 0.