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October 12, 2012

talk in the park

Residents hear Roy B. Kelley and Kibler Park project


Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — Lydia Jones said the proposed road could become a speedway. Board of Education President John Linderman said the district is aware of the speed issues.

“That’s why we wanted a meeting to hear concerns,” Linderman said. “We don’t want a speedway.”

Allan Jack, a former school board member, said the road was an excellent way to deal with the congestion. But he was concerned about the misuse of the road as well.

“People are going to abuse it,” he said.

For any municipality to turn over property, the move must be approved by the state legislature. The land would also have to be used for recreational purposes only. Those rules include the district receiving a right-of-way or any variance needed to just put the road in, if the district just wanted to that and not take on the entire property, which Jones suggested.

Such a move is possible and could be looked at, Tucker said.

But “the district doesn’t need the property,” said Mike Campbell.

Paul Meosky, the district’s enivronmental attorney from Hodgson Russ, said it would probably be in the district’s best interest to have the entire park instead of just the road. There are maintenance and security benefits, he said.

Trustee Thomas Fiegl, who also chairs the district facilities committee, said the playground and the park would be accessible to the public, even during school hours. The proposed road through the park would likely have a gate and be used only for parents leaving the school, officials said. Buses and trucks would not use the road.

Currently, the district uses a private security company to direct traffic and to deal with the congestion at Kelley. 

Last month, Lockport Board of Education members approved an environmental impact review of the park by Fisher Associates of Buffalo. That will include a traffic study and groundwater review.

No decisions have been made, as the district will continue to look at the issue, officials said.

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