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February 24, 2014

Gasport girls earns a trip to Washington D.C.


Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — Mrs. Maier mentioned the pride she and her husband, Dave, have for their youngest daughter. Haley’s mom added that she was “thrilled” the local award went her daughter’s way this past fall, she had no idea it would become what it has. 

Still, the winning is something that Mrs. Maier said has not affected Haley’s attitude toward the project. If anything, it has made her work harder.

“Each necklace takes 45 minutes to an hour to make, and she does all the stitching and cutting herself,” Mrs. Maier said. Haley said that she was looking for a few friends to help her make more necklaces in a shorter amount of time as a way of maximizing the output of the effort.

Meanwhile, Haley had a guess at what her grandmother would think of her project.

“From the stories I’ve heard, I think she’d be pretty proud,” she said. “Everyone said she was really nice and caring.”

As part of the awards program, Haley will receive $1,000, an engraved silver medallion, and the aforementioned trip to Washington, D.C. She also received certificates from the White House.

While at the nation’s capital in May, Haley will be joined by New York State’s high school honoree (from Staten Island), and the rest of the country’s two honorees per state. By the end of the trip, 10 students will be named the top youth volunteers of 2014.

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