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November 11, 2012

Older votes went for Obama

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — The majority of those over the age of 50 in New York state voted for President Obama on Tuesday, according to the American Association of Retired Persons.

Roughly 61 percent who are 50 or older in the Empire State voted for Obama, with another 38 percent choosing Mitt Romney, according to the AARP, a powerful advocacy group representing seniors.

The state’s voting record in that age group did not follow national trend, with 53 percent picking Romney and 46 percent going for Obama.

Seniors were expected to make up about 40 percent of the overall all vote in New York, based on data collected during the the past two presidential elections.

David McNally, manager of the state AARP, said hundreds of questionnaires sent out by his organization to those those over age 50 in New York showed 68 percent felt Social Security needed to be overhauled, while 73 percent believed amendments were needed to Medicare, though the majority also indicated that the changes would require a balanced approached that would ensure the longevity of both programs.

“The looming debate over the future of Social Security and Medicare are some key issues on the age group’s minds, both in New York and across the nation,” he said.

Because those in the 50-plus category show a high tendency to vote, they serve as a deciding factor in most state and federal elections, McNally noted.

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