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November 12, 2012

Under renovation, Hotel Niagara briefly opens doors for visit

Under renovation, Hotel Niagara briefly opens doors for local group


Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — As for those on the tour, Monday was a treat. Tom Yots, executive director of PBN, greeted the group with words of fond remembrance for those in the crowd who knew of the Hotel Niagara before its doors closed.

He said the plans for the building, if they all come to fruition, could make the hotel a destination for tourists all over the planet.

"There are dreamers in this world, and (Stinson) certainly is one of them," he said. "What he has planned for the hotel is going to make this a destination for the entire country, if not the world." 

Gary and Linda Tornquist, of the Town of Tonawanda, said they enjoyed the opportunity to step foot in the historic hotel, something they never did when it was open.

Having never experienced the hotel before it closed its doors, they compared the vision Stinson has with that of Rocco Termini, the man who recently completed renovations of Buffalo's Hotel Lafayette.

"This is awesome," Linda Tornquist said. "Hopefully this can become a centerpiece here. I can just see this fellow's vision with this place."

"It was nice to see a unique building such as this," Gary Tornquist added. "You get to see the bones, you get to see the insides of the structure."

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