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December 23, 2013

School board to discuss Young Road bus stop

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — Next month, Lockport City School officials plan to discuss the concerns that Young Road parents have about a recent busing change.

Board of Education members plan to take up the issue at their Jan. 8 work session meeting, Superintendent Michelle T. Bradley said. 

Beginning Dec. 16, buses began picking up and dropping off Young Road students at a bus stop on the corner where the road meets Sunset Drive, instead of letting them board and deboard in their own driveways. Parents raised safety concerns to the Board of Education at the Dec. 11 meeting, but were told the switch was based on the district receiving a complaint from a parent about the door-to-door pickup violating policy.

Young Road is a dead-end street in the Town of Lockport, just north of Leete Road. Young jots out east of Sunset Drive. A total of four daily buses pick up students of all ages on Young.

Last week, the district was made aware of an issue by Young Road parents. Two of the afternoon buses headed south on Sunset and dropped students off across the street. The students had to cross Sunset, where the speed limit is 50 mph. That’s a major safety concern for parents and something the district had told them would not happen.

That was a mistake, Bradley said. Ridge Road Express was contacted immediately and now the buses will drop the students off on Sunset with the door facing Young as they were supposed to, she said.

The issue arose less than a week after parents approached the Board of Education with a list of concerns and questions about the busing change and the siting of a bus stop at Young and Sunset. There are no sidewalks or a shoulder on Sunset for the students to stand on, so they’re forced to stand on private property or on Young Road. Traffic is fairly heavy at the intersection, which is near both Niagara Hospice and the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office.

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