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December 26, 2013

VALLEY: That in-between holi-daze

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — As of this publication, between Christmas and New Year’s Day, my brother, Tim, has a birthday. I’m embarrassed by the fact that I’m not quite sure if it’s the 29th or the 30th … but I’m certain it’s one of those days.

This year, if you’ll humor me, I’ll wish him a “Happy Birthday” right here in this column. I’ll put his e-mail address at the end, so that maybe, you, too, can send him “greetings.” He deserves it and would certainly appreciate the extra hoopla. Thanks.

I figure it’s the least I can do for my twin.

The problem with having a birthday so close to Christmas is that it gets diluted. People are in a daze and primarily focused on the seasonal festivities. Trust me, I know. Every other kid has their own special day during the year, but when you have to share the limelight with the Son of God, and the glitter of Santa Claus, you tend to get lost in the shuffle and go quietly into the night. What else can you do?

And if that’s not hard enough, try being a twin and having to cut that already depreciated attention, again, with your brother. Everyone else gets a birth-’day’, my twin and I get a birth-four minutes. For a materialistic little kid, it’s not exactly a ‘Woo-hoo, we’re having fun now!” affair. It’s as personal as being in the crowd at Times Square on New Year’s Eve. (“What do you think, Doc? Should I just … you know … let it go?”)

For Christmas, we’d get a flashlight. A couple of days later, on our birthdays, we’d get batteries. It was the “hold-off-on-giving-the-entire-gift (at Christmas) and give-part-of-it-to-them-later (on their birthday)” routine that shortchanges so many close-to-holiday-birthday kids.

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