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December 28, 2013

Residents voice opposition to red-light cameras in the City


Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — “Companies answer to their shareholders, like they should, not the people. You can’t ask them to serve and protect the people,” he said. “They are in business for the profit.” 

Dubs, a former candidate for North Tonawanda city attorney, also pointed to studies that indicate that the number of accidents increase when red-light cameras are installed. Instead of going through a yellow light, drivers opt to slam on their breaks, leading to more rear-end collisions. 

“It’s more trouble than its worth,” he said. “It would affect anyone who drives through the city, not just the residents.” 

But Davis and Strassburg have argued that the cameras will still cut down on serious accidents.

“I would much rather be rear-ended by someone going five to 10 mph than get T-boned by a semi going 45 to 55 mph,” Davis said. “The city is reactive instead of proactive far too often, and it shouldn’t take a family of four to be hit by a semi to get us to do something. Don’t run a red light, and you won’t have a problem.” 

Those who do run the lights will receive a bill and will be able to log in to a website to view a 12-second video of the violation. Tonawanda officers will have the final say on approving each ticket and will be able to dismiss bills for emergency vehicles and other purposes.

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