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February 10, 2014

Winter a perfect time to get lost in a book

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — Many people feel that we are currently living through one of television’s golden ages. While I’m not entirely sure that’s true given how many trashy reality shows are on at any given time, I can see the validity in the statement.

What can also be argued is that we are also living through a bit of a renaissance when it comes to the books that have been published in the past 25 years.

Many — if not most of these books — can be found at your local library. At the Lee-Whedon Library in Medina, staff members have wrapped a variety of books in brown paper, labeled them with very short descriptions, and offered them to patrons as “blind dates” for Valentine’s Day or Library Lover’s Month.

The point is that in the cold weather we’ve been experiencing over the past several weeks there is no better time to curl up with a good book. 

In my younger years, reading different stories at night before going to sleep was something I looked forward to on a daily basis. On occasion I would find myself lost in a fantasy world, or wishing that I had lived through the 1950s to witness the legendary power of the boyish Mickey Mantle.

I can remember keeping my light on very late one night to finish a book called “Space Demons.” The story centered around a handful of kids around my age (at the time) who wound up sucked into a video game world. I simply had to keep reading to see if they made it out. (A quick note: Within the past year I finally read the sequel “Skymaze” and, well, let’s just say it fell way short of expectations. Not everything is good, I guess.)

Regarding The Mick, I’d heard stories about him from family members who were Yankee fans, but when I read “My Favorite Summer: 1956” I finally realized just how incredible a player he was. I also remember that was the first book I read that included a couple four-letter words, and I chuckled a little bit at their appearance. Hey, I was young.

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