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April 8, 2013

Monkey business

Locals launch animated show on LCTV

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — It was a simple assignment. With a couple of friends in class at LaSalle Middle School in Niagara Falls, Jason Olenick had to design a cereal box.

The cereal his group came up with was Jay & Bonehead’s Banana Puffs. The box, adorned with both monkeys on the front of it, was hung up in the school’s hallways. The two also appeared on many of Olenick’s notebooks.

“I’ve even used them for school projects,” he said.

All these years later, those monkeys are now on TV.

“Jay & Bonehead” airs at 7 a.m. Thursdays on Lockport Community Television, channel 20. The series centers around two eccentric lab monkeys protecting the world from their evil alien neighbor, Dr. Booger Brain. Jay and Bonehead have a friend who helps out, Herman, whose father oversees Jay and Bonehead for his job at Pandora’s Box, a cosmetics company.

The animated series is the first from Anees Kashmiri and Olenick’s Raging-Gorilla Productions.

Kashmiri and Olenick have been friends since their days at Niagara Falls High School, where they graduated from in 2003. Also graduating that year was their longtime friend Chris Smith, who provides the voices for both Jay and Bonehead, as well as a few other characters. Olenick’s wife Kristen lends her voice as well, as does her brother Daniel Matiasz.

Kashmiri and Smith have broadcast experience, starting all the way back in high school. Olenick has an extensive background in animation, making the partnership ideal.

Kashmiri primarily handles the writing, while the animation is Olenick’s domain. Once he has a script, Kashmiri passes it off to Olenick, who storyboards the segment. Actors’ voices are recorded first, before the animation work begins.

Recording the voices can be tricky. Often, revisions, ad-libbing and other last second changes can happen. Sometimes the actors need a little direction in order to have the voices fit the character. The recording takes place in the Olenicks’ apartment in the Falls.

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