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April 8, 2013

Monkey business

Locals launch animated show on LCTV


Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — For Smith, switching from one voice to another really isn’t all that difficult. Most of the voices Smith has done before — joking around or whatever. In fact, Smith found Bonehead’s voice just fooling around one night.

The new voice fit perfectly. So much so, Olenick went back and re-animated the already completed first episode. The episode had been finished with a different voice.

“We were just goofing off and he came up with a better voice,” Olenick said. “So we went back.”

But one of the things about voicing multiple characters is, that actor could end up talking to himself in an episode. Switching from character to character is something Smith has to do from time to time, especially in an upcoming episode. In that episode, Jay and Bonehead spoof Mystery Science Theater 3000, a popular show known for airing and ridiculing B-rated movies.

So the result was Smith talking to himself while recording the voices.

“It was probably a good hour,” Smith said. “I must’ve sounded crazy.”

The first episode aired in March, followed by the second episode last week. Each episode contains two or three segments, self-contained stories similar to popular cartoons seen on television. Five full episodes have been completed.

Kashmiri said the group is in constant contact with LCTV. As more Jay & Bonehead episodes air, a move to later in the programming schedule could be possible, he said.

But Jay & Bonehead isn’t just a show for people to watch, the creators say. Kashmiri and Olenick want Jay & Bonehead to be interactive, launching a website for the series that features activities, games, clips and video blogs. A few of the characters even have their own Twitter account, such as @DrBoogerZBrain. Viewers can even contact the characters themselves.

Part of the plan is to draw viewers to the website, as well as the show.

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