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November 22, 2013


JFK memories still fresh & chilling


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As I look back, it was this charismatic young man and his family in Washington that piqued my interest in current events, or maybe at 16 years old it was going against my parents; they were not so fond of President Kennedy, a Democrat and a Catholic?!

Some time ago I discarded all of the memorabilia I had saved. It was time to let go. Even though I have suffered the trials and tribulations of life, other than 9-11, nothing has affected me to the degree of November 22, 1963.


Steve Legters, who now lives in Lockport, was a fourth-grade student at Clymer Central School the day JFK was assassinated. It was his turn to display his science project and he left the classroom to get his crystal supplies.

As he returned, people were going to lunch, talking about the shooting. “I didn’t comprehend what was going on,” he said. He told his classmates what he heard.

“It’s as fresh in my mind as the day I did it,” Legters said. He was 9 and knew who the president was.

Legters’ parents were dairy farmers and his aunt was politically active. The family came to Buffalo to see the Kennedy at the airport.

They had an inside track because his aunt told the Legters where to stand as the entourage went by. “There was a lot of people,” he said. “My aunt said, ‘Stay here. He’s coming.’ The president passed within 10-feet of us. He was in a convertible and we could see him waving.”




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