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April 14, 2014

Town reps mostly silent about dissolution

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — The Village of Medina Dissolution Plan Committee announced its final draft last week, offering answers.

Ridgeway and Shelby town board members say they still have questions — at least the ones who spoke on the record. Only three elected officials between the two towns chose to do so over the weekend.

Shelby town board member Steve Seitz said he has no comment on the plan because he hasn’t seen a hard copy and therefore doesn’t have enough information to stake out a position on the issue.

“What I can say is that the village has not really included the town in this plan, and until I have the opportunity to look at it, I’d rather not comment on it,” Seitz said.

Then he referred a Journal-Register reporter to a public relations consultant, Andina Barone, whose services have been contracted by the towns of Shelby and Ridgeway.

Shelby town board member Dale Stalker said that, off the top of his head, he has questions about municipal equipment. The plows needed to handle village snow removal would have to be acquired by the towns in some fashion, and he’s not sure the cost of that has been factored into the plan or included in each town’s share of dissolution costs.

Meanwhile, Dave Stalker, the Ridgeway town board’s newest member, said he thinks the village is “moving too quickly” with the dissolution process and added, “I don’t think the true numbers are there … . I don’t think some of the numbers they’re working with are right.”

Dave Stalker pointed to a recent mailer put out by the towns that described what could happen regarding village jobs in the event of a dissolution.

As both a village and town taxpayer, Dave Stalker said he wants more information — and that the savings predicted in the committee’s plan “would not be enough for me to be on board with it, personally.”

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