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October 10, 2012



Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — The trip and the big catches continued Sunday, Monday and Tuesday with Waterhouse and charter captain Jason Franz showing off the fly fishing experience on the Oak Orchard River and in Sandy Creek.

Alongside the river Monday, the Londoners were impressed by the sea change in fishing philosophies.

“It’s really strange to see so many people fishing,” Burgass said. “(In the U.K.) it’s more exclusive ... it can cost about $1,500 a day for the best rivers, but you’d have it to yourself.”

“I like that you can go around and stop where you want,” said Allan, who caught a “fighting fit” rainbow trout in Sandy Creek to go along with the 25 lb. king salmon Burgass nabbed. “There’s more people, but there’s an etiquette. And the scenery is beautiful.”

Despite the differences, the act of fishing and the reasons to do it are the same. No matter where you came from the meditative experience of trying to get on the same wavelength as the fish your seeking is one to enjoy.

“People do it to get away from it all, you concentrating on the fish,” Burgass said.

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