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March 5, 2013

Fighting like cats 'n dogs?


Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — The new board is operating in “secret,” the activists’ suit charges. An annual meeting of members, called for in the bylaws, hasn’t been held in several years. Board meetings are “unannounced” and “no minutes of such meetings have been made public,” it claims. The board turned down new memberships after it was installed, and the donations that would have come with them; and it has rebuffed Mrs. Reese’s requests for copies of the amended bylaws and a full listing of members with contact information, it adds. 

Peter Reese asserts that NCSPCA is a membership corporation, not a board-only corporation, and the trustees are subordinate to the membership, that is, elected merely to carry out its wishes.

He said the post-scandal trustees seized control from the members in part by rewriting portions of the bylaws to raise the annual voting membership fee so high that few will join — while exempting themselves from the fee.

Conceivably, he said, current trustees could keep re-electing themselves and/or their preferred candidates perpertually, as they’re likely to be the only ones with voting privileges.

“This board, elected by the members last May, is trying to get rid of all the members. They’re installing themselves,” he said.

Reese further claimed the board talks the talk, but does not walk the walk, of no-kill animal sheltering.

He openly dismisses NCSPCA’s reporting of “Asilomar” statistics, or its live release rate of animals adopted out, transferred to another facility or returned to owners, as artificially high. SPCA’s figure doesn’t account for “owner-requested euthanasia (on the basis pets were) unhealthy and untreatable,” according to its own website. No-kill activists complain the shelter’s definition of “unhealthy and untreatable” is too loose.

“They’re doing fake no-kill,” Reese charged. “It’s only a matter of time until they’re broke or they start killing animals again, if they ever stopped.”

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