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February 7, 2013

Positive 'impact' to zone


Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — From the audience, about the only criticism of the Impact project concerned the way in which was declared, in a mid-January press conference covered by several newspapers and Buffalo TV stations.

In the reports, Eggert and Mayor Michael Tucker were quoted pretty extensively as saying violent crime and police service call rates were on the rise in Lockport, in parts of it at least.

The quotes and sound bites made it sound like Lockport is a "dangerous" place when it's really not, former alderwoman Phyllis Green said; the problems that police are going after have existed for years.

All that the Impact declaration did was warn the riff-raff to go elsewhere for a while — while likely "discouraging good people from coming in," she added.

Erie Street homeowner and rental property owner Allan Jack disagreed, saying he believes the declaration will help Lockport in the long run. Not only did the "criminal element" get a message about low tolerance for bad behaviors, he said, "publicizing this helped landlords know LPD is on our side."

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