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September 27, 2013

County confirms primary results

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Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — City 5th Ward Alderman Kenneth M. Genewick was confirmed as the winner of the Republican primary by the Niagara County Board of Elections.

Genewick finished with 128 votes to challenger Phyllis J. Green’s 108 votes. Green has the Democratic line for November’s election, while Genewick has the Conservative and Independence lines.

The board of elections has completed the counting of absentee ballots and confirmed results from the Sept. 10 primary elections. The official results are as follows:

Lockport Town supervisor

David J. Mongielo was confirmed this week as the Conservative primary winner over Supervisor Marc R. Smith. The county Board of Elections said Mongielo was the winner by a 38-25 vote margin.

Smith has the GOP line however, while the Democrats did not field a candidate.

Lockport Town Board

Incumbents Mark C. Crocker and Patricia Dufour were the confirmed winners in the GOP election, finishing with 573 votes and 535 votes respectively. Paul R. Black finished with 249 votes.

Lockport Town Justice

Councilwoman Cheryl A. Antkowiak is the confirmed winner in all three ballot lines for town justice. She topped John J. Ben 491-222 in the GOP primary, then won the Democratic line by a 147-84 margin and finally won 6-3 in the Working Families primary.

Niagara County Legislature, 15th District

Joshua Walker is the confirmed winner in the district’s Conservative primary, taking the line from incumbent Michael A. Hill in a 29-25 decision.

Walker has the Democratic line in the general election, while Hill has the Republican and Independence lines.

Pendleton Town Board

Eileen Czarnecki and Ed Harman, the incumbent councilman, were the confirmed winners in the Democratic primary. Czarnecki led the pack with 138 votes and Harman received 117 votes. Amiee A. Jarvis, who’s also running on the Republican line in the November election, received 105 votes.

But, Jarvis and David I. Fischer took the Working Families ballot line, finishing with 8 and 7 votes respectively. Harman and Czarnecki came in with 2 votes and 1 vote in that contest. Jarvis and Fischer were the confirmed winners of the Independence lines as well, with 36 and 30 votes, respectively. Czarnecki and Harman finished with 13 votes and 11 votes.

Pendleton supervisor

Dominic Saraceno won the Independence line 32-17 over Supervisor James A. Riester, according to the county Board of Elections. Saraceno also took the Working Families line, by a 7-3 count.

Riester has the Democratic line for the general election.

Pendleton highway superintendent

Jeff Stowell, the incumbent superintendent, took the Independence line by a 37-13 vote margin over Aaron J. Bair, then took the Conservative line over Bair by a 41-4 margin.

Bair has the Democratic line for November, while Stowell has the GOP line.

Newfane Town Board

Newcomers Rick Coleman and Susan L. Neidlinger won the GOP primary as Coleman received 324 votes, Neidlinger received 295 votes and incumbent Robert A. Pettit finished with 173 votes.

Somerset highway superintendent

Michael M. Flint is the confirmed winner in the GOP primary, finishing with 185 votes. Jonathan D. Dewart was next with 173 votes, followed by Carl A. Austin’s 43 votes and Louis J. Mead’s 17 votes.

Dewart has the Conservative and Independence ballot lines in November’s general election.