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March 18, 2013

ORG prepares for Anonymous 4 concert

By Jim Krencik
Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — MEDINA — The extraordinary undertaking that bringing a group of world-class musicians to a small town is one that requires the hard work of volunteers.

Members of the Orleans Renaissance Group met Saturday to discuss the final plans for the upcoming concert by Anonymous 4, a renowned quartet that will perform medieval-era music April 4 at St. Mary’s Church.

Planning a big event is nothing new for ORG, which has brought the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and other large choirs to St. Mary’s, but its always a challenge.

Everything from the quartet’s accommodations — set — to the choice of on-stage side tables — less certain — was still up for discussion. ORG members left the gatheare confident they can pull off a major show.

”It’s all down to the final things we need to bring the evening together,” ORG Vice President Chris Busch said. “The tickets, bringing the group into town, preparing the venue and reception.”

One thing in ORG’s favor is the venue, which will not require microphones for the performers or a large setup to spread the quartet’s voices.

”The good thing is the concert can use the church’s natural acoustics,” back-up stage manager Ric Jones said of St. Mary’s resonant atmosphere. “The way the church was built draws a bright, alive sound.”

Anonymous 4 will perform “Marie & Marion: Motets and Songs from the Montpellier Codex,” a collection of French and Latin chants and love songs. Less anyone in the audience not be as well-versed in those classical pieces, ORG is also putting together a program complete with translations.

ORG Administrator Lynne Menz said the process of building sponsorships for the event are going well, with $5,500 received and another $1,800 promised.

Ticket sales have not hit a crescendo, but Busch said pre-sales were strong and a flurry of activity is expected. A special deal for ORG members is being planned, but $40 tickets for non-members can be purchased at eggstreet.org and at local merchants.

”We’ve sold this venue out in the past for the BPO — this is in that league,” Busch said. “(Anonymous 4) are internationally-known, it’s a big deal.”

The event is crucial to ORG’s efforts, which include the renovation of the Bent’s Opera House in downtown Medina. Anonymous 4’s concert will raise both funding for the organization but also build on its tradition of connecting a historic village with history-making occasions.

“People in the chorale music scene are very excited for this concert,” Jones, the music director of the Genesee Chorale, said. “It’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime event.”

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