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January 21, 2013

Making an impact

Police, building inspection launching enforcement blitz in the blocks around Washburn and Genesee streets


Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — Learning that was the last straw for Tucker. Project Impact was born a little more than a week later.

“We’re putting serious money into this area and we’re not going backward,” he said.

Tucker said city officials will make sure all arrest reports generated from the zone and any court documents that follow, are marked “Impact Zone” — and he called on the Niagara County District Attorney’s office, the city prosecutor and city court judges to grant fewer “favorable” plea deals in those cases.

D.A. Michael Violante, who attended the press conference, wouldn’t make any blanket promises about no pleas, but he pledged his office “will focus on the City of Lockport a little more” when handling its criminal cases.

Project Impact calls for increased law enforcement to be complemented with increased building code enforcement. City inspectors will be looking most closely at boarded-up properties and “problem” rental houses, Tucker said, “but all property is in play.”

With the enforcement moves, Eggert said police officials will be “reaching out” to residents in the impact zone to let them know the effort is meant to help, not target, them. Officials will seek meetings with neighborhood groups throughout the zone, he said.

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