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April 5, 2012

Pfeiffer plant sold

WILSON — Lawta Properties, which owns and leases several properties in the town, bought the former Pfeiffer Foods plant on Lake Street in the Village.

Pfeiffer was the largest private employer in the village when it moved its operations in 2009. The salad dressing company employed 150 people.

Village mayor Pat Kelahan saw the sale as good news, but did not know the plans of the new owners who have not applied for building permits.

“They didn’t buy it to let it just sit,”  Kelahan said Wednesday. “They bought it at a good price ($419,000) as an investment. They’re going to do something with the business.”

Parm Atwal is the farm manager. He is the brother of Amar Atwal M.D., the Medical Director of Atwal Eye Care which has its offices in Cheektowaga.

Lawta Properties, which has its main farm on Chestnut Road, owns and leases other properties for its large field crop farming business.

“Others had interest if they could buy at a right price,” Kelahan said. “They put the money on the table. They’re not looking at the past. They’re looking at the future. What’s the future worth? They have invested in the future of Wilson. I’m encouraged by the confidence they place in our community.” 

Kelahan said Lawta did not divulge he intended use for the property. The Niagara County Industrial Development Agency was not involved in the purchase, according to Executive Director Henry Sloma.

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