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December 10, 2012


Chief feels legalizing marijuana opens Pandora's Box

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — “Marijuana is not addictive. I’ve been using it for years.”

That’s a paradox of cannabis. The plant has been recognized since 3,000 BC and has at least 30 nicknames — some nice, some rough. It’s weed and pot, Mary Jane and roach. Some call it “skunk” and its odor is evident as soon as a cop opens the car door.

There are a lot of arrests for possession of marijuana in Lockport, but the culprits are usually caught after some other violation. Violators normally don’t go to jail, but get an ACD, acquittal in contemplation of dismissal. If the user behaves, the charges are dismissed.

The State of Washington legalized marijuana this week. Colorado will follow. Will other states be far behind?

Bud Grinder (not his real name) wants Lockport users to rally to make pot legal in New York state. He opened a “Legalize It Lockport” Facebook page this week and his page counted nearly 50 “likes.”

Grinder’s been a marijuana user for three years and insists it’s not addictive and it’s not a gateway drug to hard drugs.

Lockport Police Chief Larry Eggert has seen evidence marijuana is addictive and a gateway drug. “I’ve seen it a lot, where people start with marijuana and when that doesn’t give them the high or low or what they’re looking for, they move up. There are enough to show that when you start with it, you move up. You graduate to more potent drugs, prescription drugs or heroin.”

The chief also recalled a young man who was caught stealing from his place of employment. The man confessed he was addicted to marijuana. He couldn’t stop.

Eggert understands that marijuana is not as harmful or addictive as crack or heroine. He cautioned, “By legalizing it, do you want to take the chance that one of 10 smokers will use it as a gateway to more powerful drugs?”

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