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December 10, 2012


Chief feels legalizing marijuana opens Pandora's Box


Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — Grinder said that marijuana helped him get over a very difficult period in his life. Weed made him calmer and let him be focused. Pot users are not likely to the trouble makers, but go off to themselves. The don’t make irrational decisions. he said.

“A man once told me to follow my dream, my dream is to make a difference in something I enjoy!” Grinder argued on his page. “Marijuana is not only for the people’s benefit but also for the government!”

Eggert recognized the arguments for and against legalizing marijuana. But, if legalizing marijuana solves one problem, it opens the hole for more problems, he said.

The chief likened it to the game Whack-A-Mole. Whack one mole and another one pops up.

“If it lessens work load, it’s going to create more problems — over here or over there,” he said. “It’s not really lessening my work load.”

He also noted that smoking pot could also cause long-term health issues. Smoking damages lungs.

“You cant make nature illegal, so why keep marijuana illegal?” Grinder argues on his page. “I can only do so much to help in the fight to legalize marijuana. As the free people of the United States you also need too do your part to get the word out about this campaign! Share this with your friends too spread the word. The more likes we get, the sooner the rally will take place!” 

Sheriff James Voutour, who declined to be interviewed for this story, emphasized that his department doesn’t make the laws. It enforces the laws.

That’s the company line. “We enforce the laws that are written by the state,” Eggert said. “Whatever laws that come, or don’t come down, determine our enforcement initiative.”

It was argued that half of the inmates at the Niagara County Jail are there because they broke the marijuana laws.

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