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June 25, 2014

Broken sewer line creates havoc

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — A broken sewer line on Davison Road is causing headaches for residents, business owners and the city alike, having triggered the closing of a main thoroughfare between East High Street and Park Lane Circle. 

The line broke a week ago, causing a sinkhole in Davison near Park Lane Circle that had to be dug out as city sewer crews scrambled to get at the problem. At a meeting of the Common Council's water and sewer committee Wednesday, Mayor Anne E. McCaffrey said the city will have to hire an outside contractor, at a cost of $4,300, to repair the line.

The leak is at least two weeks from being fixed, Water Distribution Maintenance Supervisor Dale Lawson said. 

The problem is an 18-inch sanitary sewer line that has broken at the joints. It's a major line servicing part of the southeast section of the city, as well as a portion of the town, and the fix is complicated by the fact that a storm sewer line is so close to it, according to 4th Ward Alderman Patrick Schrader, chairman of the water and sewer committee.

There are several contributing factors as to why the leak is taking several weeks to fix, Schrader said. The sewer department had to receive approval to rent a special pump to re-route the sewer flow around the broken line. McCaffrey signed off on that $3,500 expense Tuesday. 

The complexity of the job also plays a factor, he said. Crews had to dig out the street, find the break and get the pump functioning to divert the sewage flow, before actual repair of the line could begin. 

"They're hurrying, believe me," he said. 

One lane of the closed section of Davison may open by next Wednesday, but, Lawson said, "If the road isn't stable enough, it'll stay closed."

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