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July 17, 2013

Blood on trail prompts police search

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Area law enforcement officials used bloodhounds and a search boat Tuesday night and Wednesday morning in search of an unknown person who left evidence of blood and a sharp instrument along a rugged canal path behind Urban Towers.

Before sunset Tuesday, a couple who was walking along the trail, noticed the blood and called police. Lockport police responded and found the blood and a notebook along the steep hillside to the south of the canal, according to Det. Lt. Rick Podgers.

It was human blood, but there have been no reports of a missing person. Police are calling it an unwitnessed event.

The police called in a search dog, but with night falling, the search was put on hold until Wednesday morning when the Sheriff's Department K-9 team was called and Lockport police launched its boat to drag the canal bottom.

The dog lost the trail at the canal, behind the boat tours operation on Market Street.

It was not a rescue, but a recovery operation. "It's a tough operation to drag a canal in the city," Podgers said. 

Miscellaneous objects were found, but not a body. The search was called off about 2 p.m.

It appears to have been a suicide or potential suicide. The person may have entered the canal, or had second thoughts.

Blood analyses at the Niagara County laboratory showed it was human blood, but it is not known if it is a man or a woman.

"There were no reports of persons missing this morning," Podgers said. "It was an unwitnessed event ... We don't know if anyone went into canal and there no report of a missing person."

Police are waiting to see if someone files a missing person report, or finds a body. 



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