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April 22, 2013



Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — Phillips said books are something that can be passed on to people when they are done.

The women all agreed that books on electronic tablets do offer some convenience, but books offer something more tangible in the ease of flipping through pages, and the smell of fresh ink.

There is also a different sense of satisfaction seeing the pages one has read pile up on one side rather than seeing a scroll bar move - slowly - down the side of a digital screen.

The bottom line, according to the participants, is that reading has value, and reading good literature gets the mind going. Or, as Twain wrote over 100 years ago, it helps focus the imagination, thereby sharpening the focus of everyday life.

Mostyn noted her favorite childhood book — Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass” — as a prime example.

“(Reading) is a great way to escape. You can go on adventure without ever leaving home,” she said.

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