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April 21, 2014

Prospective homeowner: Medina's nice, but taxes are scary

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — “People only have so much money.”

Kevin Deegan, and his wife Donna, of Buffalo, visited Medina this past Saturday to attend an open house. The couple read about it online and decided to make the trip east.

“The house we looked at was listed for about $80,000,” he said. When they arrived, they learned the tax numbers online were incomplete, and the home would cost nearly $5,000 annually in taxes. Deegan was a bit taken aback.

“I think that the taxes in the village are pretty outrageous,” he said. “I think something like that discourages people from buying.”

Using an example of a similar home to prove his point, Deegan said he and his wife looked a home in Depew the prior weekend. It was listed for about $100,000, assessed for a similar amount, and taxes were $2,890.

Deegan said lower taxes could hypothetically lead to better kept homes.

“It’s quality and care,” he said. “I would suspect that if people weren’t paying that kind of money, they’d spend it on other things like house upkeep.”

While driving around the village, Deegan said the burden of high taxes showed in some areas. “It seemed there were a lot of houses that weren’t in the best condition ... and high taxes won’t help that situation.”

As outsiders looking at the whole picture, the Deegans drove around a bit Saturday afternoon to explore the amenities Medina has to offer. 

“We wanted to check and see what was available,” he explained. “How’s the shopping? What are the conveniences? Would we have to drive a ways to get something? What restaurants are there?

“These are things we thought about, because if we bought a house there, we’d bring our income and our money and spend it in town,” he continued, “but looking at that tax structure, why would we want to? In four years I could buy a brand new car for what I would pay in taxes for an $80,000 home.” 

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