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December 17, 2012

Fight leads to 2 arrests

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Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — WILSON — Two residents of the Dorwood Mobile Home Park in Wilson were arrested following an altercation involving several people at a man's home Saturday night.

Robert L. Gualano, 47, 857 B St. faces an assault charge while a 17-year-old C St. resident was charged with harassment as a result of the 11 p.m. incident.

It is at least the second time in less than six months that deputies have made multiple arrests stemming from an altercation at the address.

Patrol responded Saturday to 857 B Street on a report of a fight and found all the participants were separated upon their arrival. The teen was located at his 852 C street residence and had a head injury.

The teen told deputies that he was in a physical altercation with Gaulano at 857 B St. According to the teenager, Gaulano's wife confronted him while he was walking by the residence and asked about where her daughter was staying. Gualano ran out of his residence and tackled him to the ground, the teen added.

The teen said he and Gualano wrestled in the yard until he was able to get free and run home, where he told his father and brother what happened. The three then returned to Gualano's home. According to the report, the teenager said as they entered the porch, Gualano came onto the porch and struck him in the head with a wooden club, causing him to fall backwards.

Deputies requested an ambulance for evaluation and EMS crews transported the teenager to Eastern Niagara Hospital-Newfane for further treatment.

Gualano told deputies that he was sitting on his couch when he heard the teen yelling and swearing at his wife. Gualano said he came out to tell the teen to leave but the teen pushed him. Gualano stated that he pushed the teenager back, who then went home, but came back with his father.

According to Gualano, they came onto his porch yelling and attempted to get into his residence, so he grabbed a wooden club that was located near the door and swung it at them, hitting the teen in the head.

A neighbor confirmed Gualano's account of the porch portion of the incident with police.

Gualano injured a finger, which was evaluated by EMS. He was transported to Mount St. Mary's Hospital where he reportedly left before being treated. He was later located and taken into custody at 2:20 a.m. and transported to ENH-Lockport to evaluate his finger injury.

Gualano was released on an appearance ticket. Deputies went to 857 C street where the teen was taken into custody and released on an appearance ticket for harassment.

Both are due to appear in Town of Wilson Court today at 7 p.m. Deputies were unable to locate the wooden club used during the incident

Sunday's incident was the second time in five days that deputies responded to the Gualano residence.

In early July, two Dorwood Park men and a woman from Youngstown were arrested after an incident at 857 B St. that initially was reported to involve a gun and a baseball bat.

That altercation began when the trio allegedly jumped the Gualanos after the Gualanos told them they didn't want their daughter hanging out with them. Mrs. Gualano suffered a broken jaw in that attack.

On Wednesday morning, Robert Gualano reported that sometime overnight an unknown person entered his vehicle and stole several items from inside. According to Gualano, the stereo face plate, CD's, a small bag of hand tools and his pain medication were all taken. The value of the items taken was estimated at $275.