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July 9, 2006

Pirates Festival concludes in Olcott

OLCOTT — Pirates, good, bad, or misunderstood are popular today. Witness the hundreds of families who enjoyed the Pirates Festival at Krull Park this weekend.

“We’re not part of the pirate craze, but we’re benefiting from it,” said Liam Doublecroix (AKA Bill Streit) of Ye Pyrate Brotherhood. “There’s no two ways about it. Everything is pirates.”

The pirates were democratic and stole from the rich and gave to the poor — themselves. They gave victims the chance to surrender or die — or join them.

Pirates didn’t bury treasure, they dug up landlubbers’ treasure. They didn’t say “ARRRR.” That onomatopoeia was a gift of the movies starring Robert Newton as Long John Silver.

“The kids love it. It’s a tradition,” said Jeanne Corrallo of Lockport who brought Corrinna, 14, Shanleigh, 12, Ben, 10, and Kellen, 8, to the festival. “My kids always liked pirates. (Corrinna) thinks they’re good guys because of Johnny Depp.”

“I love Pirates of the Caribbean,” Corrinna said. “I love Johnny Depp. I think they’re good down inside.”

Corrinna likes to talk to the pirates, the re-enactors. “They pretend they’re pirates and they’re real good,” the Lockport High School student said. “They stay in character really well. You ask them a question and they know the answer to it. They’re real authentic.”

Shanleigh differed. “I don’t like the pirates. They’re bad. They’re evil.” The younger sister instead enjoys the water, the vendors and the festival food.

Kellen likes the pirates but agreed with Shanleigh. “They’re bad,” he said.

The children were looking forward to the treasure hunt. “I remember the skull guy. I was scared,” Ben said.

“Philip the Hole (the skull guy)” was hung last year, but replaced by Will. “He (Phil) got old and was falling apart.” Doublecroix explained.

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