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September 7, 2008

POLICE: Cops honored at appreciation dinner

LOCKPORT — By Bill Wolcott


Law officers were likened to the Good Shepherd at the Lockport Police Appreciation Dinner at Cornell Cooperative Extension on Saturday night.

“You are the good shepherds and God is pleased,” said the Rev. Gary Kibler whose St. Mary’s Church steeple overlooks the police department. The priest noted that sometimes the sheep need tough love, but the shepherds are acting from their heart.

Several police officers were honored. “They don’t get a lot of credit for the things they do over the course of the year, so it’s nice to take a public setting to not some of the good things,” Chief Larry Eggert said. “We’ve always had a pretty close relationship with both the sheriff’s department and the state police. We’re a a pretty good sized little city and don’t have all the resources we need, so we have to partner with the state police and the sheriff at times to work through the big cases.”

Lt. Brian Wentland, Det. Kevin Schrader and Det./Lt. Scott Seekins received special acknowledgment.

Wentland is the co-commander of the SWAT team with the sheriff’s department. “It’s unusual for the sheriff’s department to give an outsider command responsibility,” Eggert said. “It’s an honor and let’s you know what kind of an officer he is.”

Wentland was the supervisor for the 8 Molson Canal Concerts this summer downtown. “He did a good job there,” the chief said. “We had no problems. He’s my go-to guy. If I need something, he’s there and he does it.”

Seekins, a detective, is in charge of technology and the police car maintenance. “He does more for the department than any three people I know,” Eggert said. “He’s very busy. There are a million different things that he does without complaint or question.”

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