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July 3, 2013

City eyeing NYPA-funded energy improvements

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — The city will commission the design of several construction projects meant to improve energy efficiency in municipal facilities.

The Common Council this week approved "phase two" of an ongoing study agreement with New York Power Authority, which will pay the upfront costs of energy upgrade work and let the city pay it back over a 10-or-more-year period using cash saved on its monthly utility bills.

The city has been working with NYPA for over a year on an energy audit and feasibility study of suggested capital improvements that would boost energy efficiency at City Hall and other municipal facilities.

NYPA paid for the feasibility study, which cost $9,000, and will pay about $17,000 for construction design, on a conditional basis. According to Norman Allen, director of engineering and public works, if the city declines to implement recommended improvements it'll have to pay back NYPA for those outlays.

NYPA will have recommended projects designed, including upgrade of all light fixtures in all city buildings, replacement of a boiler at City Hall and upgrading insulation in some buildings, and will put the work out to bid using its stable of contractors.

If the Council approves actual construction, NYPA would pay for that too. The expectation is that the work will reduce the city's electric consumption and its monthly bills.

A set percentage of whatever money the city saves after construction, it would pledge to turn over to NYPA until the work is paid for, according to Council finance committee chairman Ken Genewick, 5th Ward alderman.

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