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July 7, 2013

Memorial opening wound care center

Staff reports
Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center is planning to open a comprehensive wound care center at its downtown campus in October after receiving approval from the New York State Department of Health.

The centerpiece of the program will be two hyperbaric chambers that will allow patients to receive 100 percent oxygen to speed the healing of their wounds, thus providing a more advanced treatment option for those who qualify for the procedure.

The center is being developed in conjunction with RestorixHealth, one of the country’s leaders in comprehensive wound management programs.

Wound care programs specialize in treating chronic or problem wounds, typically those that fail to respond to conventional treatment within 30 days. Such wounds are typically associated with medical conditions such as diabetes, poor circulation and immobility.

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers work by surrounding the patient with 100 percent oxygen at higher than normal atmospheric pressure.

This increase in the amount of oxygen stimulates the tissues and helps the wounds heal more quickly.

“This is very good news for the growing number of people who need this specialized care, especially the elderly and patients with diabetes,” said Joseph Ruffolo, Memorial president and CEO. “This center will enable us to offer advanced healing therapies that utilize proven clinical protocols, individual patient treatment plans and a disease-management approach to wound healing.”

A $700,000 investment will be made to renovate and equip the center, which will create five jobs.

It will be the second such facility in the area, Mount St. Mary’s is currently operates its Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine.