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July 8, 2013

Trek move-in starting this week

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — Trek Inc. is on track to relocate its operations to Lockport this week.

The expansion-minded electronic instruments manufacturer will begin moving equipment to Harrison Place on Thursday, and will work through the weekend, according to R. Charles Bell, Greater Lockport Development Corporation president.

"Moving a factory is no small feat ... . Trek is hoping to have some production in Lockport as early as (next) Monday," he said.

Trek is vacating its 30,000 square foot Maple Ridge Road, Medina, facility and moving to Lockport after striking a 10-year lease deal with G.L.D.C. for 60,000-plus square feet at Harrison Place Building 4. Seventy-eight full-time employees could be working in the new place as early as next week.

Trek President Michael Dehn could not be reached Monday to comment on the company's relocation timetable.

A $3 million-plus building overhaul, financed upfront by G.L.D.C., will be substantially complete by Thursday, Bell said. Remaining tasks, including work on the stone Harrison Radiator Division name plate and patching and striping of an employees' parking lot inside the Harrison Place complex, will be done after Trek is moved in.

Work to physically transform part of an old radiator factory has been ongoing for a couple of months, during which time "no major construction surprises turned up," Bell said. "The interior looks spectacular. I think (Trek) is really happy with the way things are shaping up."

The company presently is leasing two floors of Building 4 and has contract options to occupy the third floor and/or purchase the building within 5 to 10 years.

At the outset it'll occupy all of the first and half of the second floors, and the remainder of the second floor within two years as the business grows. Company officials previously projected adding 25 new full-time jobs in that period.

Within a few years it's also possible that about 50 existing employees will be reassigned to Harrison Place from other Trek sites, its research-and-development center presently on Canal Street, and a subsidiary in Orchard Park, Bell said.

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