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April 17, 2013

Lockport natives share Boston experience

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — When Lockport native Carol Mayer Wallace was about a half mile away from the finish line at Monday’s Boston Marathon, she couldn’t figure why all the runners in front of her just stopped.

“I wasn’t close enough to hear (the explosion) — but I was less than a mile from the finish line — and all of a sudden, all of the runners in front of me stopped. I could see the road ahead of us, and there was nobody there. Nobody knew what was going on, but a runner next to me had a radio, and we heard the reports about the explosion at the finish line, and about all the blood and injuries,” Carol said.

The runners knew that their friends and family would be at the finish line waiting for them, so it was chaotic.

Carol, who also ran the Boston Marathon last year, knew where husband Braden Wallace, also a Lockport native, had waited for her at the last marathon, so she didn’t think he was near the explosion, but she wasn’t sure.

“Some of the runners had cell phones, so everyone started making calls, but then service was cut off,” Carol said.

Eventually, text service was restored, and Carol borrowed a phone. Since her husband isn’t able to receive text messages on his phone, she texted her daughter Anya, a student in North Carolina, who in turn, called her father to let him know her mom was OK.

Even so, it took more than two hours for the couple to find each other.

In the meantime, Carol said the marathoners, who had just completed more than 25 miles of their run, had to stay where they were.

“It was getting cold, and we didn’t have any jackets or blankets or water. Then, people started bringing down water, jackets, and even garbage bags and blankets to keep us warm, and everyone shared what they had. We had to stay where we were for a good 40 minutes,” Carol said.

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