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April 18, 2013

City union to fight 'outsourcing'


Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — According to 4th Ward Alderman Patrick Schrader, the city started looking into third-party ambulance billing service after learning that Parker was set to take medical leave for an unspecified period. It was believed she might be off duty for up to several months, and the city could not afford to let the ambulance bills pile up during that time, he said.

Ultimately Parker was only gone for two weeks, but MultiMed’s offer got leaders thinking, Schrader said. Medical billing work is increasingly complex and the company offered the services of a whole staff that’s kept apprised of constantly changing regulations.

“These Medicare and Medicaid rules change so often, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with,” Schrader said. “Nobody’s knocking Barb. She’s not demoted, she’s not let go. She’s got the same pay, the same grade, the same workplace, just in a different department.”

Haenle asserted the city is making a mistake by taking Parker off of a job that she’s been doing well for a long time.

The outgoing administrative coordinator “has worked tirelessly to keep her skills current, adapt to changes, and to troubleshoot and solve problems. There have been cases where Barb’s attention to detail has caught insurance company errors,” Haenle said. “An out-of-town company will not have the same local knowledge and attention to detail.”

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