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September 7, 2013

Shooting sparks speculation


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The bar staffer said "There were two guns. The first gun fired, they had blanks. And then someone got out another gun and that had real bullets."

Asked how they knew the one gun had blanks in it, the bar staffer said the gun with the blanks was fired at one of the bouncers, who was not injured.

A Hawley Street man, who was sitting on his porch, heard the shots from more than a block away. "I heard four pops," he said. "Pop, pop, pop, pop. And I went down to the corner. I could hear from a block away, a guy yelling 'mf' this 'mf' that ... I don't know if it was the guy who got shot, or not."

The LPD press release says that "no further information regarding the victim will be released at this time."

"The victim ... was very lucky," Podgers said.

Following the incident, Nathaniel Carson, 23, 221 Green St. Apt. 2 was charged with disorderly conduct at 2:56 a.m. Police do not know if Carson had a connection to either the suspect or the victim.

"There was a lack of cooperation from the people at the scene," Eggert said. An arrest was made of someone acting out in the crowd. "We arrested him to calm the situation down," Eggert said.

Police have not reported other arrests regarding the shooting.

Several detectives are working on the case, according to Lockport police. Eggert acknowledged the parties involved may be from out of town. Historically, when something like this happens the suspects are from Buffalo, Niagara Falls or Rochester, the chief said.

"The Niagara Hotel is extremely happy with the speed at which the police responded and the seriousness with which they're taking this," the Niagara Hotel staffer said.

The bar was closed following the incident so police could investigate, but it reopened Saturday morning.

City Editor Scott Leffler contributed to this report.

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