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September 9, 2013

Town of Niagara official pumped about flood-fighting equipment

By Timothy Chipp timothy.chipp@lockportjournal.com
Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — The Niagara Town Board is going to spend some money making upgrades after the July 19 rainstorm.

Water Department chief Ed Adamczyk requested the board purchase a pair of diesel-powered water pumps to help the town deal with any new storms.

“After the recent flooding issues, I went and did a little research,” Adamczyk said. “I found out we had the same problems back in 2008. Buying new pumps fell through the cracks then. But we need new pumps to help us deal. I don’t think climate change is going anywhere.”

He said during the recent storm, which caused widespread water issues throughout the town due to hours of heavy rain and the unexpected shutdown of the Niagara Falls wastewater treatment plant, he rented a pump from Mark Cerrone Inc. for $1,000 to help.

Purchasing his own would cost a decent chunk of change, too. He’s proposing both a 6-inch ($29,680) and a 4-inch ($22,160) pump his crew could use to alleviate townwide issues in the future. The pumps, if purchased, would serve to replace a pair of gasoline-powered pumps, which Adamczyk said are aging quickly.

He’s also asking the board to consider purchasing an electric pump to serve as a backup along Military Road. At roughly $6,000, the backup apparatus was budgeted at the beginning of the year.

The diesel pumps, however, were not.

When asked which he’d like to see more if he could have only one, Adamczyk surprised some of the board members by selecting the smaller, 4-inch pump over the larger one.

“I think it’ll be more practical,” he said. “The 6-inch pumps a lot of water. But the 4-inch could handle what we need.”

The town board will continue to consider the requests before possibly addressing them at its regular board meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 17.

In other work session proceedings, changes may be coming to trash pickup. At least to those living in the Military Park neighborhood, that is.

After being contacted by Allied Waste Management, the town’s refuse collection contractor, the board is debating changing the pickup date from Tuesday to Monday.

“(They’re) saying if they can change the route, they’d be more efficient,” Supervisor Steve Richards said. “They want to reduce the number of days they’re collecting in the town.”

The shift, if approved at the Niagara Town Board’s Sept. 17 regular meeting, would be limited to 30 days. Boardmembers agreed to the temporary change contingent on being able to review any issues or problems which may arise.

Councilman Rob Clark questioned the efficiency of the company given its current collection schedule. He said there’s issues residents have expressed concerning items not being taken from the street pickup despite contractual obligations.

He said he’s heard about drivers not picking up large items, telling residents they can’t pick up their garbage and not being on time. A situation last week caused some garbage removal to occur at night, he said.

Though it was a one-time incident, some of the reports he’s gotten concern him, he said.

“They can’t even do it right in their current schedule,” he said. “And they want to do it in one less day? If they want to be more efficient, they should pick up the trash.”

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