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September 16, 2013

Florist 'mans up' with new club

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — Stereotypically speaking, men tend to wait until the last minute to buy flowers for that special occasion, be it a birthday or Valentine’s Day.

Apple Blossom Florist owner Mark Merithew has created a club he hopes will change that. 

“It’s the Man Up Flower Club,” he said. “Anyone can join.”

The club has a membership fee of $20, and that fee locks in flower prices for the year at three different levels. The levels — standard, deluxe, and “Wow!” — are chosen ahead of time for different dates. For example, a husband looking to make sure he remembers his wife’s birthday could choose to go with the deluxe level on that date, and then choose to wow her with a larger bouquet on Valentine’s Day or on the couple’s anniversary.

Merithew explained, “You select however many occasions you want to send flowers, you tell us the price point you want for each occasion … and then you don’t have to worry because you’re not in a position to forget.”

The flowers can be sent to more than one person, too, he added. “If your mother is local, we can send flowers to her and to your wife,” he said. 

The club’s name definitely plays up a stereotype, Merithew said, but he noted it does so for a purpose. 

“It’s catchy,” he said. “Everything today is a soundbite, so we play up the hero thing, but it’s really open to anybody. It’s not meant to be exclusionary.”

In the traditional sense, though, a man gives a woman flowers, Merithew noted. Paraphrasing a writer, he said, “What it boils down to is every man wants to be a hero, and every woman wants to know that she’s beautiful.”

The club is a way of achieving both those ideas, he said, while adding to the business in the shop.

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