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May 11, 2013

Ride along with deputies on Friday

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — The Niagara County Sheriff’s Office will have a virtual ride-along with deputies out on road patrol, by using Facebook and Twitter from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. Friday.

The goal of the virtual ride-along is to increase the public’s participation and awareness in the Sheriff’s Office’s social media sites so that the public can be better informed and share information that could help solve crimes across the county.

“The sheriff’s ride along will follow every call during the afternoon shift, tweeting information and posting information on Facebook about the calls for service, along with pictures and video of the deputies at work,” said Capt. Michael Dunn.

The public will be able to watch the work of the afternoon shift in real time as if they were in the front seat of the patrol car.

“By doing a virtual ride-along, it makes our office more accessible and transparent to the residents of Niagara County and provides an inside view of the deputies who serve our community. We recognize that the use of social media is growing rapidly and an increasing number of citizens are getting their information through these venues,” said Sheriff James R. Voutour in a release.

In addition to following the calls for service, the virtual ride-along will feature photos and descriptions of the specialty equipment being utilized by the deputies on patrol. People will also meet and learn about the 911 emergency dispatchers working during the shift. Followers will be able to ask questions pertaining to the virtual ride along during the shift and receive real time replies.

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