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May 11, 2013

Leadership Niagara expands teen program

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — Leadership Niagara is expanding its Leadership for the Youth of Niagara County development program.

The group plans to attract 400 students over the next five years and will use what Leadership Niagara officials say is “an unprecedented” $375,000 grant from the Irene E. Witkowski-Agrawal Foundation to reach its goal.  The LYNC program, now in its 14th year, develops students’ skills, attitudes, and outlook about leadership and what it takes to become a leader.  

Eighty students will be selected from high schools across Niagara County and Grand Island High School to participate in the eight-month program which begins this fall.  The program is seeking applicants who are respectful, demonstrate positive attitudes, and if given the opportunity to develop their leadership competencies will flourish.  

“Our purpose is to create effective leaders who will be prepared to take the lead in our schools, communities, and around the world,” said Molly Anderson, executive director of Leadership Niagara.  “Our LYNC students will have the opportunity to think, write, speak, work together and act as leaders in a safe, supportive, and fun environment.”  

Twelve high schools were recently contacted by Leadership Niagara to introduce the new LYNC application process.  

Frank P. Mergl, Chair of the Board of Directors of Leadership Niagara, said his group is “incredibly grateful” for the foundation’s commitment to LYNC

“The foundation is about encouraging and teaching young people to depend on themselves; and to succeed in their lives by being honest,”  adde Prabhakar Agrawal, founder of the Irene E. Witkowski-Agrawal Foundation.  “If they can achieve that, they are likely to find much happiness in their lives and contribute to society much more than the present trend of fraud, deceit and deceptions that are so prevalent worldwide.  That is how my deceased wife would have done it.  So my foundation is to remember her for her honesty and values”Mergl said.

The 2014 application may be found on the Leadership Niagara website at http://leadershipniagara.com/programs/lync/.  The deadline for applications is June 1.