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September 6, 2013

Lockport supervisor, board seats up


Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — “We’re hurt by this,” Mongielo said. “The help should go to everybody. They’ve given away so much money, that they could’ve given tax breaks to homeowners for three years.”

And the surplus should go back to the taxpayers, Mongielo said. He has the endorsements of Taxed Enough Already and Carl Paladino, a Buffalo School Board member and GOP candidate for governor in 2010.


Crocker has spent eight years on the Town Board, while Dufour was appointed to the board in January following the passing of Paul H. Pettit. But, with 35 years of business experience, Dufour said she hopes to bring that financial know-how to Dysinger Road.

“One of the things we hear when we’re out is that people want to see new businesses,” Dufour said. “There’s been growth. Our goal is to continue that growth.”

Black, who repairs industrial machinery for Syracuse Supply, is a frequent speaker at board meetings. Not only is Black a candidate, but he has submitted a pair of referendums for voters to consider in November. One would break the town into four wards and the other would bring changes to how board meetings are held, namely doing away with afternoon work sessions and delaying votes when there is public objection.

Black said he is trying to change the culture of the board and improve communication between officials and the public. 

“I see a board that has become distant and disconnected from the people,” Black said. “They’ve lost touch.”

A retired Air Force lieutenant colonel, Crocker disagrees. Each member of the Town Board has their home number and email address in the town newsletter and on the website. Often members handle resident concerns one-on-one, such as Crocker did with homeowners and the recent changes in the FEMA floodplain map.

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