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April 3, 2014


Lockport Union-Sun & Journal — How bad are the Sabres as they, again, spiral toward irrelevancy in the NHL?

Let’s put it this way: In 1970, any team to-be that didn’t have one of its founding members speak up and say “I think ‘Sabres’ is spelled ‘e-r’ not ‘r-e’” was skating on thin ice from the very start. (And I ain’t buying that ‘French- spelling’ crap. It spelled disaster from the get-go.) 

Admittedly, I do remember, despite all of that, there were moments of some unfulfilled success. I barely remember.

Next: For sports fans who really knew what Ralph Wilson was like, it was a sad day last week to learn of his passing. When alive, he was often — and strangely – criticized for trying to turn a profit on his own gutsy investment. (Is that wrong?) There were those people who, with an entitlement virus coursing through their veins, took umbrage at the decision-making process within his own corporation. But above it all, he stood tall, as both a gentleman and a world-class act.

I have a personal anecdote about Mr. Wilson that I’ll share with you in a future article. (Yeah, I know … you can hardly wait.)

Back to the way I see things: In the recent past, Mr. Wilson’s Buffalo Bills have been criticized for spending too much money on some players — Mario Williams, for instance — while not spending enough on others, notably a “name” head coach. Despite the flip-flop scrutiny, the brass at One Bills Drive continues to upgrade and tweak the team’s chemistry.

But it’s annoying when the head office takes positive steps and someone maligns them for every single move. Prejudging any situation with venomous conjecture is simply mean. Frustration is one thing, but blatant hope that the team fails is another. It should never be wrapped up in the guise of legitimate analysis. It’s too easy to see through. Points of view, OK. Points askew, not so much.

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